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The dozens of eyes on you send you into a rush of excitement. You give his dick one last flick of the tongue and he sprays all over your face. His delicious cum drips off your chin, dropping onto Melinda, who is still under you. You push James to the ground, remove your heels and lower yourself onto his cock, cowgirl position. You want to see his face while you ride him. Melinda removes her black t-shirt (revealing she neglected to wear a bra) and drops her white panties from under her short denim skirt before sitting on his face and you both start riding, long quick strokes. A member of your “audience” deposits a cowgirl hat on top of your head and you smile. You place one hand on Melinda’s thigh and the other arm in the air, swinging as if you were riding a mechanical bull. Melinda reaches out and grabs your tits as you both ride. You realize she is using you to balance herself as she shakes from the intense orgasm that James’ experienced tongue has given her. James' face makes a sloshing sound against her and you realize his face and neck are covered in her cum. You reach down and scoop it up with two fingers, licking it off. You feel yourself edging closer and closer to cumming when you feel yourself suddenly filled with James' hot, thick cum. This sends you into euphoria as you collapse forward into Melinda's breasts. You’re all covered in each others juices when you’re faced with a decision:

Do you want:

Health Really Horny & Hormonal Location:

Ritz Night Club

MP 0
Level 1
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