Stay in your booth by the window

From Create Your Own Story

looking at Moose's thick hardening cock your own cock begins to stir, the quiet street to your left not bothering you in the slightest. Climbing over the counter you grab Moose's head and lock lips, sucking on his lower lip as he explores the teen body under your shirt. Moaning Moose grabs your pale cock, leaking pre-cum you lie back on the table and Moose grabs your thighs.

Fully hard Moose slowly inserts his thick 8" cock, you never knew just how big it was until now, you always thought it was smaller when you jacked off your own meat to him. Fucking you hard you moan as Moose fucks you mercilessly against the table, a few onlookers quickly shuffling past the window.

Soon enough a crowd gathers outside, a group of young teens jerking off to the display and cumming on the street. "Fuck, I'm gunna cum" Moose moans and thrust into you. Just before he can the door opens and a police officer runs up to the both.

Do you:

Wink at him and ask if he wants to join

stop Moose fucking you and grab your clothes

Ignore him and let Moose fill you with his cum

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