Step into the car

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Status: Naked and Afraid

You're desperate to get home, so you step into the passenger seat of the truck. Three other guys wearing swim trunks are hooting and hollering at you from the truck bed.

"Don't mind them," says the driver. "They're drunk. Hell, I'm a little drunk myself!"

"Uh, are you sure you should be driving?" you ask.

"I'm not that drunk!" he promises, before driving forward.

"Hey, aren't you going to untie me? And the road's the other way!" The incessant yelling going on behind you is getting annoying, and more than a little unnerving. The driver doesn't answer you, instead opting to grin at the windshield. You begin to get worried.

A few minutes later, he pulls into a deserted clearing in the woods, framed by a ring of tress. The headlights of his truck spook a deer and it bounds away. He steps out of the car, walks around to the back, and says something you can barely make out. Patches of sentences float through your ears... "tied up" ... "only three" ... "when we're done" ... The three guys in the back start shouting again, and the driver joins them. You detect a note of glee in their voices.

The driver walks around to your door and speaks to you through the open window, "Look, missy. The way we see it, your fate is in our hands. Now, we could let you go nice and easy, or we could get some compensation from ya."

You begin to jabber, "I-I have money! Take me home and you'll get-"

"Now, you and I both know it ain't money we're looking for." Without allowing you to respond, he opens your door and forcefully pulls you out of the car. You land on your knees and face hard. The sensation of falling with no hands to protect you surprises you enough that you don't think to try to run.

The driver waves the guys over, then lifts you by your tits. Tears stream down your face, but he just pats your cheek and grins. He loops your hand around the side mirror so you don't escape, as he and the others lower their pants. Semi-hard dicks spring out at you and you whimper a little. The driver pulls you off the mirror and rubs his dickhead all over your lips. Precum wets them, but you refuse to open.

"Now you best open those pretty lips, lady, or we might forget to take you home at all. We might forget to untie you too, and there are a few things that ain't too pretty in these woods. No teeth, either, they better be tucked behind your lips."

The thought of death by wild animal is worse than being raped, you reason, so you hesitantly open your mouth. The driver slams his dick into your throat without mercy, causing you to gag a little. He lets you get used to the feeling of his cock in your throat, then pulls it out and slams your face again. He soon gets into a nice rhythm of face sucking.

Suddenly you feel your vagina being played with by not-so-nimble fingers and hear cheering. The fingers withdraw before penetration, and you feel a dick press against your opening. You groan in trepidation, but the driver mistakes it for lust. "Look at her, she's likin' it!" This sends the other guys into a frenzy, especially the guy at your pussy, who fucks you with no preparation. You thank god that you had sex earlier today, or you wouldn't be so wet.

Eventually, the one in your cunt cums. You feel his meat pump into you over and over, and eventually pull out. Another one takes its place almost instantly, but this guy lays under you and plays with your tits instead of going doggy-style. You hear whispering along with the grunts of the two people fucking you, and soon feel something pressing against your anal opening. You moan again, not wanting them to go that far, but it's once again mistaken for primal urge.

The driver and the pussy-fucker stop to let the ass-man enter you. He pushes firmly until you feel a pop- he's in about an inch. Your eyes water. He rests for a minute, then slides in even more, rests, slides, and continues until he's buried to the hilt. He starts sliding in and out, gaining speed and force until your being fucked in the ass as hard as you are in the mouth and vagina.

The driver is the next to come, filling your mouth with seed and covering your face with what overflows. Unfortunately, the guy who originally pounded your pussy is by now ready again, so another dick pushes itself into your aching mouth. You taste remnants of your wetness on his dick.

You start to realize that the quicker they cum, the quicker they're likely to stop, so you start helping them along. With your mouth, you slip your tongue around the head and start bobbing in time with his thrusts. You lick his balls when your buried in his pubes, while simultaneously flexing your throat. You vaginal muscles tighten and squeeze around the cock in there, and you start humping against him. As for your ass, you aren't too skilled in that area, but the vagina actions help that too.

Eventually primal instinct takes over and you begin to loose track of how many hours go by, how much cum enters your body, and how many shots fly into your face, mouth, and tits. All you know is that you begin to enjoy it immensely. At first the cries of "Look at this slut! She wants it!" and variations brought you back to reality, but after a while you start to relish the dirty talk. Every time someone would say, "Oh shit, I'm fucking this hot bitch's ass," you'd pop your mouth off a dick and shout, "Fuck! Fuck my slutty ass! My dirty little asshole's begging for your hot cum!" This helped the guys get off faster.

When the first signs of sunlight were peaking over the horizon, it found five sleeping bodies lying in a forest clearing, covered in sweat, cum, and saliva. In the middle of three of them lay you, still with a dick in your pussy and ass. The one in your mouth fell out a while ago, and the fourth guy was sleeping next to the jumble of bodies.

Then a bear is attracted by the smell of your efforts and rapes you all to death.

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