Steve Smith - Son, Brother, and Nerd

From Create Your Own Story

You awake from your dream where super models are fawning over you to the sound of your alarm the world a hazy blur. You extend your hand out from your bed to your nightstand feeling for your glasses. Your hand bumbles around until it feels the familiar shape of your glasses and guides them to your head. You are greeted by the sight of a massive tent pitched in your bed. You let out a sigh as you pull away your blanket to reveal your massive 15inch dick, and baseball sized nuts standing at full mast, clearly the dream was too much stimulation. You gotta deal with this now otherwise you wont be able to fit your pants around your dick. You grab your laptop, tissues, and lube since your a loser nerd with no girlfriend you have to deal with this the old fashioned way. You boot up your laptop and begin thinking about what to watch. You:

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