Stories from the Road

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These are multiple mini-stories form the kingsroad. Some stories are one-shots while others are mini-series. None have huge impacts on the story. The stories are from various points of view, from Robb to a random Guard. Depending on which path you took, some characters have different relationships then they do in your particular branch of the story. This page has stories from multiple paths, so some characters might behave differently than you would expect. Again, this doesn't impact the main story. Some characters might not even be there in your branch of the story. Point is, don't worry about it and enjoy. You can even consider these stories "non-canon" if you want.

List of Stories:

Gilly's Love

Arya and Shireen's Adventures

Arya finds Nymeria

A horse, A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

Arya's Past

An Aunt's Love

We do not Sow!

Grey Wind's Adventures Through the Camp

A Guard from Winterfell

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Arya gets her revenge

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