Strip and fuck the statue

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Barely Clothed & Horny As Heck

Licking your lips and wild with lust, you strip off your clothes, not caring that you're naked in public. You crawl under the velvet ropes, and getting to your feet, wrap your arms around the statue's neck. You're already wet, so you don't need any lubrication. Wrapping your legs around the statue's thighs, you impale your cunt on the bronze phallus. You shriek and gasp with pleasure as the cold bronze fills you completely. You grind against the statue, humping it furiously, panting and gasping as you cum again and again. Your only coherent thought that makes it through the orgasm-induced haze you're in is that if only this amazing body was alive and real, and able to fuck you back...

"HEY!" you hear someone yell angrily. It's a security guard! "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

What do you do?

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