Struggle to free yourself from the grasp of the girls holding you down for Mary

From Create Your Own Story

You try to free yourself from their grasp but their too strong for you. Mary brings the whip down on your back. You scream in pain.


She strikes you with her whip.


You scream in agony as the whip tears through your back.


You cry out from under the whip. Tears roll down your face.


It is complete agony.


You scream.


You are reduced to begging for mercy.

"Please, I'm sorry" you cry.


"Please stop!"


"Please, no more"


"I'll be good"


Mary continues to whip you twenty lashes before putting her whip away.

"I take it, you're new around here" she says, "that's why I went easy on you"

That was easy? you think.

"I'll take you to the headmistress' office"

As the two of you go to the headmistress' office, Mary makes further comments.

"You know, you're actually lucky that I whipped you" she claims, "now your welcome beating is out the way, all you have to do it sign the enrolment form among other things"

"What other things?" you ask.

"You'll find out soon enough" she tells, "but I advise you do as she says, you don't want another whipping, do you?"

You and Mary reach the headmistress' office. Headmistress Palmer is sat at her desk. On the desk is a whip.

"You must be the new girl" she says, "first I need you to sign the enrolment form"

So they need you to actually sign. Most students probably just enrolled to avoid going to prison. Fortunately, you're only being sent here because your mother wants rid of you. If you don't sign, you might be able to get out of this.

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