Suck Moose

From Create Your Own Story

You push Moose down onto the floor and start licking his shaft. You can't believe the size of it!. It must be a foot at least! Moose tells you his tool is 14 inches long. All the better to fuck you with. You try to put his whole dick in your mouth but it doesn't work and your gag reflexes kick in. Moose chuckles but tells you to keep going. You try again but don't bother trying to fit his whole rod in. You pump his shaft and lick his head. You start jerking your cock too.

You suck him so long and so hard you wonder if he's ever going to shoot his fucking load. And just then Moose goes tense, lets out a moan of ecstasy, and blows at the same time as you do. He shoots all over your face and you wonder how anyone could have this much sperm in them. Then again his bull balls must produce massive ammounts! He keeps going for what feels like an eternity. But you love every second of it. His sweet cum smothers your face and you open your mouth to lets the rest into your gaping mouth. Finallly Moose stops and you collapse on top of him. You both lay there panting for a while and then Moose gets up and says "Duh...Thanks for the great blow job Arch! It was fucking awesome." You exchange one last passionate kiss before Moose leaves and you look around and wonder how in the hell you're going to clean up this mess before Pop gets back.


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