Suggest getting comfortable in Emily's bed

From Create Your Own Story

She smiles and walks to the bed, hips swinging so that you can't help but stare at her ass.

She peels off her clothes, layer by layer, and then slides down onto the bed.

"Come here..."

"No." you say with a smile. "Masturbate, then I will come in the bed." Your dick is now semi hard.

Emily opens the drawer of her bedside table and brings out a dildo, looking at you all the while. She moans in pleasure as she brings it down and slowly starts rubbing along her lips before sliding it in. "What about... Now?"

"Not until you cum." Your dick now is fully stiff. You start stripping down.

She brings it up and down, moaning very loudly. One hand strays to her breasts, where she rubs the sensitive skin. She moves the dildo up and down faster. She screams to you "I can't take much... Oh! Ohh! I am going to cum!"

Her pussy is leaking ferociously. You go in for the kill.

What do you do first?

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