Suggest that the two of you visit a local Thai restaurant that has a good reputation

From Create Your Own Story

"I know a nice Thai place," you say.

Valerie smiles. "Sounds good."

You work out the details, and soon enough, you find yourself escorting Valerie into the restaurant. She's a fine conversationalist, and you do most of the listening. You offer to pay the check, but she insists on splitting it. The restaurant was inexpensive, anyhow. Good food at affordable prices is why they're always packed.

You drive behind Valerie to her house, and she invites you in. "Normally I'm not this forward," she explains, "but it's been way too long since I had companionship. Just don't put your dick inside either of my two lower holes."

You think that's quite fair. You end up fingering her to climax while she gives you a handjob. Sleeping in the same bed as someone else is really nice. The snuggling and the skin-to-skin contact are things you have missed just as much as Valerie has. Waking up next to her in the morning is awesome, too.

Health 100 Equipment:

Remote control

MP -
Level -
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