Sure stud, the more the Merrier

From Create Your Own Story

The muscled hunk grins in delight, his body dripping salty water and sweat.

Still rocking on Reggie's thick cock, your back grazing against the sand, you take the muscled stud's cock in your mouth. He and Reggie time their thrusts so you bounce between the two ripped males, cocks hitting the back of your throat and your prostate. They spit roast you for ages, pounding, slapping and sucking noises spreading across the bay. It takes all your concentration not to gag on the cock and you feel yourself losing control as dribble slides down your chin. The grunting and gasping reaches a peak, your own moans muffled by the throbbing cock in your mouth, and you know the two men are close to cumming.

Without warning, Reggie rapidly pulls out and feverishly jerks himself off, spraying everyone's bodies with salty cum. You begin to jerk yourself off with quick, messy tugs as Reggie latches onto your balls. The hunk groans and shoots his load down your throat and you feel your vision blur as Reggie's sucking and your own rough tugs bring yourself to climax. The intense, itchy heat spreads through you and your semen splatters across the chest and abs of all involved. You lie there panting, the three of you sticky and a little sandy, engaged in a sloppy three way make out session.

To cool off, you all go for a splash in the sea and wash the semen off your bodies. It was a good day.


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