TFA: Call the patrol back into the room

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You're near completion, but you decide to have some more fun before this all ends. While still deep inside this sexy bitch's tight asshole, you call out "Guards! I'm going to need some assistance with this prisoner."

As the automatic door slides open, four storm troopers walk in. While the sand-covered whore still screams, you tell your fellow troopers that not only is she hot, but is begging to be fucked.

Each storm troopers drops various pieces of armor to reveal chiseled abs, massive chests and biceps, and long thick cocks. As you continue to plow the sand scum, they all grow hard.

Two storm troopers force her to grab their cocks. Another forces her head to the side, and tries to pry open her mouth to get his cock into her mouth. She fights back and they grow frustrated. However, the fourth climbs on top of her and shoves his cock into her pussy. Pressed against you, you both pump into her bottom half over and over again. She stops begging for you to stop after a few seconds, and a few moans escape her lips quietly--barely audible over your grunting.

With a few more thrusts, she becomes more receptive to the endeavors of the other three storm troopers. The storm troopers in the front are soon being either blown are jerked off. The room is a practical maelstrom of sweat and skin as every element of this bitch is fucked by strong imperial men. Her muscles begin convulsing, and you and other troopers hold her down to keep fucking so can cum into her.

She might be rebel scum, but god is she hot. Her tits bounce wildly as you pump into her. Her sweat-slicked body moves in every direction at once as 5 cocks work her at once. She has gone from her outright resistance early on, to moans now. It seems your luxurious Corellian Cock has broken her into submission: her eyes have rolled back into her skull, and she can barely get out pleas for more cock in between her involuntary screams and moans.

As she comes to the last of several orgasms, the pleasure overrides you and your storm troopers comrades. You pump deep inside her anus, and you can feel the storm trooper cock inside her pussy do the same. Farther up, you see rope after rope of cum lather her body.

This jedi seems broken now. She still moans and just licks the coats of semen off her heaving tits. She begs for more cock, more fucking, more of you -- you decide you've had enough of this pitiful rebel ex slave for now though.

Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga
The Force Awakens

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