TTE-Son from a Prominent Mage Family (Fred)

From Create Your Own Story

You are Fred Fiedlerson, a teenager with short straight night-black hair and beady gray eyes. After dinner, you go to look at sea from your room's window on the upper floor of the mansion. Your family mansion lays on the top of hill in Shayford, small city that's under the control of the Ministry of Zuellni. On the west there is Viridian Sea, the sea that you see now.

Being a son from famous mage family is hard. You must learning and practicing spell every time in your life. It's hard to believe that you can't learn even one simple spell! It's embarrassing. Maybe that's the reason why your parents won't let you go to the city and lock you in the mansion, make you learning spell until you can learn at least 20 simple spells and 10 complex spells. And the worst is, the Fiedlerson's Family Rules. The rules in it sets all things in the Fiedlerson family, ranging from etiquette to a penalty for each member of the family. It's said that 'Any member of the family should learn 20 simple spells and 10 complex spells before the age of 20. Otherwise, he/she will be expelled from the house and could not have Fiedlerson as his/her surnames.'

It makes you confused. Deep down in your heart, you really want to explore the continent of Glacia, or at least the Ministry of Zuellni immediately, but you can't. You really want to go out, you can't take this anymore. But how? How do you manage to get out of here? Or, maybe you can wait until 20. Or, you can start learning spell right now.

Character Fred Equipment:


Key Items:


Companion None
Guild None
Town Shayford
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