TTE- Ritz

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You are Ritz Laurenfrost, the daughter of Edward Laurenfrost who is also known as a great general during the Great War. Your long violet hair and red eyes gave off a feeling of royalty but you're friendly attitude, hot temperament and carefree attitude says otherwise making people refer you as the "Carefree Maiden". Despite the nickname, you are also capable of using the urumi, a flexible sword that is like a whip.

You wake up in your room yawning deeply. You get up and fix yourself. While you are fixing yourself. You hear a sweet sound from the balcony. The sound is sweet and relaxing yet had a sorrowful tune and you know who is the one who is playing this tune. Should you head to the balcony and greet or continue fixing yourself.

Character Ritz Equipment:


Key Items:


Companion None
Guild None
Town Soddon
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