TWAWKI/Continue to observe the Blanton siblings

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You continue to watch. Mindy's body starts shaking uncontrollably. Marlon pulls her into a tight hug.

"It's all right, sis," he whispers. Mindy bursts into tears. Marlon just holds her until the shaking passes.

"That was just your body adjusting to not having drugs in it," he murmurs.

Mindy nods. "It... I felt like I was dying."

"Part of you is dying. The part that's hooked on drugs. Something else will take its place."

Marlon kisses his sister, and they twine tongues.

Influence Mindy Blanton


Focus Rules
Country United States Sex between brothers and sisters is now highly encouraged
Region Pittsburg, California
Individual Mindy Blanton
Condition Sad, grateful
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