Take Control/Fuck his tight ass

From Create Your Own Story

You throw him onto his back and peel his Speedo away from his stiff member, "Wooh, red what's gotten into ya?". You grab his ankles and raise them high plunging your toungue into his tight hole, circling and penetrating that sweet ass.

Your cock Dripping with pre-cum you press it to his puckered hole, "Don't even try it Arch..." but you slip it slowly in anyway. He pulls you closely, you realise he's never been fucked before, so you slowly push in deeper until all 8 inches of your rigid man-hood are inside of him. His insides hug your cock and after only a couple of pumps your stuggling to hold back your orgasm. With a final thrust forward both you and Reggie explode, you cum deep inside his ass and both fall together in a heaving pile.

Reggie suddenly comes to his senses and runs off. You just lay back and contemplate the fact that you've just lost a good friend but hey that was one damn hot Fuck.


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