Take Kiana directly to your house

From Create Your Own Story

You carry Kiana directly to your house, intent on mating with her again.

Dad looks up from where he has Mom bent over the kitchen table and says, "Nice job, son. An elf."

Mom smiles at Kiana. "My son will treat you quite well."

The two of them return to what they were doing, and you carry Kiana into your room. Wanting to let her have some control, you lie on your back. Kiana slides her pussy onto your cock and you happily bounce her up and down. By the time you fill her, she's climaxed five times.

Kiana slips off your pole and happily lies her head on your chest. You lazily drape an arm around her.

Health Horny, mated to Kiana Equipment:


Experience Low
HP 100
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