Take a short nap and save the red bulls for later

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You set your alarm to 5, giving you plenty of time to rest up and then get ready to look your hottest for the party.

You sleep through your alarm, but only by an hour. You were really tired, so you were expecting something like this to happen. You get up and stretch you curvy body, waking up your muscles from a nice nap.

You walk into the bathroom that you and your roommate share and slowly strip off your tattered jeans and t-shirt. They fall to the floor and you walk naked to the shower, turning on the hot water. You can't wait to feel it flow over your body, calming and relaxing every inch of you.

You step in slowly and moan to yourself as the spray hits your back. You turn and face the stream and let it massage your perky breasts. The feeling is almost overwhelming. Pleasure is building inside you and you slowly realize that you're getting turned on. Your pussy is growing wet and your nipples hard. You run your hands across your body and up to your pink nipples and give them a little pinch. The pleasure nearly brings you to your knees and you gasp. It's been far too long since you've touched yourself, let alone someone else. You can't stop yourself now. You can't stop thinking about touching yourself.

You slide one, then two fingers deep into your wet pussy and cup one of your breasts with the other. It's a good thing that your roommate isn't hear because you can't stop yourself from moaning out loud. You press your back against the shower wall and finger yourself relentlessly. You slide slowly down the shower wall as you collapse in orgasm, the first time in at least a week.

After you regain your composure, you finish your shower and start getting dressed. You slip on a sexy pair of black boy shorts and a matching black push up bra. This bra in particular always makes your boobs look great. Not that they don't without it, but it's always good to give the girls a bit of a lift. You start to think about what Cheri had said about your hot black skirt. You pull it out of your closet and hold it up to your body. It's short enough to show off your long and slender legs, but long enough that you can still have a good time in it. You've already decided that you're going to wear your low cut green t-shirt. It shows off your breasts really well and accentuates your waist (Not to mention the color makes your hair look outstanding). You're really feeling a nice pair of jeans for the evening for the comfort factor, but at the same time, you don't want to let Cheri down...

Do you:

Health Rested
Height 5’ 5”
Weight 120 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Dyed Red
Cup Size 34B
Location Your Dorm
Clothes Black Bra and Boyshorts
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