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Robb grabbed his throbbing manhood, ready to submit his sister. He closed in and guided the shaft towards her pretty pink pussy. As he made contact, Sansa gasped. Without further ado, Robb shoved it in.

His sister moaned. "Oh Gods."

He felt her hymen, and gently, he pressed against it, until he felt it ripping. Sansa let out a painful scream, but quickly turned her head to muffle her voice in the pillow.

Robb pressed forward, pushing deeper and deeper inside his little sister's virginal cunt. She acknowledged every new inch with a loud moan and her whole body shivered.

Robb bent forwards over her, bringing his mouth close to her ear. "Does it hurt? You want to ask me to stop?"

She took several deep breaths. "No... I'm just your toy... use me for your pleasure..."

"Good", Robb whispered and kissed her earlobe, briefly sucking on it. Then he thrust forward. "Because it's not even half way in."

She screamed under the penetration, but the Lord of Winterfell showed no mercy. Without pause now, he shoved his manhood inside his sister's vagina, inch by inch, under moaning and writhing. She was completely helpless, not even able to adjust the angle of her legs or to lift her head from the bed. To further assert his dominance, Robb placed a few spanks on his beautiful sister's ass. She responded by moaning and screaming.

Robb moved back to his original position again, kneeling behind her, and put both his hands on her buttcheeks. "You're mine", he said again, not sure whether it was for Sansa's or his own arousal. Then he went in with his full length.

Her scream would have been deafening if not for the pillow to choke it. Even so, Robb thought someone in the castle must have heard it. It did not matter. He pulled back and thrust in again immediately, spanking Sansa's ass in the process. Sansa squeaked.

"I like your hair more when it's open", Robb said, grabbing a handful. He roughly pulled her head and upper body up with it while still thrusting inside her, speeding up now.

Sansa quickly lost all control over her cries, moaning and screaming and gasping and weeping and squealing in an endless incoherent manner. Her whole body was shaking as he rammed into her violently, until, way too soon, Robb climaxed, too exhilarated to think about the risk of impregnating his own sister.

Groaning, he filled her snatch up with his semen, load after load, until finally he was spent. Exhausted, Robb collapsed beside his naked, tied up sister.

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