Take off your pants but leave your panties on

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You pull off your pants and fold them placing them on the floor next to you, that is when you feel Tessa press into you from behind, you can feel her member press against your back. She reaches her arms around and commands you "Take off your shirt." She doesn't really give you much of a choice as her arms pull your shirt over your head and drops it aside. You know stand pressed against the door of the stall in nothing but your underwear, and only is it now you realize just how big Tessa is. She stands at least more than a foot taller than you, and her body feels like its built like a rock. You start to tremble until Tessa arcs her head down and kisses you saying "Shh its okay you just seemed like the type to not want your clothe ruined." As she says that you feel her reach down and lift you up off the ground. You then feel her monster penis snake its way through your panties and go along your back. Tessa whispers in your ear "You have such a cute bubble butt" as you hear her spit and a cold streak forms down your back. She puts the full weight of her body against you sandwiching you against the door and her. Thats when she starts grinding against you slowly at first and then faster and faster. Her hand comes around and starts teasing your clit and you both begin grunting and moaning like animals. Until finally you and Tessa cum together your body goes limp as you feel Tessa's warm cum paint your back. Tessa almost drops you and then spins you around pressing her cum covered cock against your stomach looking at you like some type of animal. Like a predator looking at wear to take a bite out of their prey.

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Health 88 Equipment:

Calculator,Backpack, Bus Pass, Notebooks and School books

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Gender Female
Social Group Nerd
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