Take your chances and strip right in front of Reggie

From Create Your Own Story

You take your chances and begin to strip yourself in front of Reggie.

You quickly kick off your shoes aside as Reggie watches you.

"Hey!" Reggie protests as you slowly begin to take your shirt off. You toss the shirt off to the side and start making your way towards your unzipping your pants.

Reggie's initial shocked expression slowly grows into a smile. By the time you finish taking off your pants Reggie begins to slowly strip himself of his clothes as he watches you in ecstasy.

Looks like you scored on this choice. Lucky you!

Your eyes trail over Reggie's fit body and your eyes dash over to the swelling in Reggie's boxer briefs. You see Reggie's hands slowly tugging at the elastic band, ready to drop them. As he brings his boxer briefs down you see his the briefs wrap around his semi-hard on for a brief moment.

You then realize Reggie is staring at your own briefs form around your own hard rod. You quickly take them off as your cock bounces upwards several times.

Suddenly his member is fully exposed. You notice just how big Reggie's cock is -admiring the length and girth of it. Reggie's cock is uncut, but as his dick swells upwards you can see the head of his penis peaking out. At the tip of the head glistens Reggie's precum.

You admire his enormous cock. "Wow, even his dick has muscles!"

While you continue to gaze upon Reggie, Reggie has only taken off his boxer-brief on one of his legs. You see Reggie's cock fully erect and a stream of precum begins to drip off the head of dick.

Feel Reggie

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