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You know, we never got the reason for why she was here or what she was here for. I assume that it's for vacation but vacation from what job? What is she here for? Where is she, anyway? What are Shoreline Communities? Is there a actual city where this takes place? Is she at bloody home? Is that really what's happening here? Edit: O.K, after reading it again, she really was at home. And in her underclothes like Vicky friggin' Vale in All-Star Batman and Robin.

Really? We don't even get a description beyond her chest, hips, or hair? Hell, we don't even get anything more then hair length! Not even on what kind of underclothes she wears! For fuck's sake, the "looking into a mirror to provide a description of the protagonist" thing is used quite often in books but come on, no one even tried...

Is opening the window an option? It might not help but it's a more logical option then, say, becoming a fucking superhero! We know nothing about her so this decision makes no SENSE!

Alright, she has-blue! She has blue eyes! Dark blue eyes, not deep, just dark. And, erm- blonde! Blonde hair! No, WAIT, YELLOW! Just an ordinary shade of yellow, not gold or straw, just plain yellow! There! SOMETHING to work with!

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