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Hi guys! This is my first adventure i have created so please have patience with me. Anyway the () thing is so the adventures dosn't screw with each other and other peoples adventures. The system i use in this (or rather thesse) adventures is based upon Checkpoints and different paths (A,B,C,D etc). The checkpoints is for that you (once you reached them) can simply go into the Resident Evil category and click on the checkpoint you reached the last time.

The different paths is one thing i just came up with so the game is a little more open ended and dosn't result in the exact same ending. For example let's say you walk down a corridor and can pick either to go into the door on the right(A) or the door on the left(B), let's say you choose the right door A and you miss an event in the room to the left which was important for the main plot and thus it effects the outcome of the adventure.

Just one more thing, note that my stories will be somewhat different from the Resident evil series canon-timeline and that characters who canonicle is dead will often show up after their canonicle death. I do that becuse i just want the player/reader to feel like he can influence on the outcome. Sincerly --Anonym 13:03, 8 July 2008 (PDT)

Hey, FreddeX, its me, Jack Frost. I was reading through the story, and I noticed that SOMETIMES (translated, barely) you make little spelling errors. Since I know I'm gonna be reading this a lot, do you mind if I correct any spelling errors? --Jack Frost 24:57, 4 February 2009 (PDT)

Yeah it´s cool :D go ahead my friend. --FreddeX 10:10, 14 May 2009 (PDT)

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