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Hello, one and all. Welcome to my story, 'You Are An Orc'. As the title suggests, this is the story of an orc and his quest to claim a mate. If you are interested in writing for this story, here are some things you should know about the world.

  • Orcs and elves live for thousands of years, never aging physically after reaching maturity.
  • Orcs are not given names at birth, but are not opposed to having them.
  • You and your family come from the Clan of Soft Springs, which is the name of your village.
  • Humans hate everything but themselves.
  • Orc cum is highly addictive; even smelling it will make you go light-headed.
  • Your mother is an elven princess.
  • You have three older brothers.
  • Between you and your siblings, you have the largest cock at a foot and a half long, and four inches wide.
  • Your father has a two and half foot long cock, and eight inches wide.
  • The average cock length for an orc is a foot long, and three inches wide.
  • Both orcs and elves are very durable and heal quickly.
  • Dark elves can only mate once, due to a magic within them.
  • Dark elves can only be unmated if they hear their mate's heart stop, or they die themselves.
  • Very few orc clans get along.
  • Witches are all hermaphrodites and can control men's will.
  • Elves live in the forests.
  • Humans live near water.
  • Orcs live where they please.
  • Most orcs are really stupid, and have limited speech.
  • Pregnancy with an orc baby takes ten months.
  • Orcs are scared of dragons, as they are a dragon's favorite food.
  • A sexually strong orc has to have regular sex, or their testicles will explode.
  • An orc can have as many mates as he can get.
  • An orc with one or two mates form a strong bond, making them closer.
  • An orc will fuck anything with a hole if they find it attractive, or are desperate.
  • An orc can breed with any species.
  • All orcs are born male.
  • Gender bending magic does exist, and that includes body swapping.
  • Sunpus is a fruit that makes elves horny.
  • A matured sexually strong orc virgin has to have sex within 12 hours or they die.
  • After a sexually strong orc has mated, they have to have sex within a week or they die.
  • Most orcs are very muscular, but most also have large guts.
  • Most orcs do not have any body hair.
  • The older orcs can grow body hair, but it's usually just a beard and chest hair.
  • You can tell what an orc's mother was by the shape of their ears.
  • An orc born from an elf will have pointy ears, one born from a human will have rounded ears, one born from a griffon will have little holes for ears, etc.

If you want a clearer picture on how the races look and such, think something along the lines of Warcraft. As for the rest, just have fun, go nuts, make it sexy, and give it a good story. But don't be surprised if I decide to edit, and even re-write some of your work. Also, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to bring them to my attention.

- Kanin452

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