Tell Treecia to take you back to her place

From Create Your Own Story

You lock eyes with the short, plump girl. "You."

She smiles, licks her lips, and takes your hand in hers as she walks you back to her place. Five minutes later, you're in her room and the two of you are naked on her bed. You've put a condom on your long, hard pole. With Treecia, that's the only sensible thing to do.

After a few minutes of making out, you get the big girl on her hands and knees and plow her from behind, groping her huge ass. She cums about five times before you fill the condom.

You thank Treecia, dress, and head on out. The next day, you wait until the evening comes, then decided to try and score again.

This time, your choices are Laura, a skinny, depressed goth chick a year older than you who has albino skin and all-black clothes, or Marcie, the mom of one of your high school classmates, who's pleasantly thick where it counts but still quite sexy, not obese like Treecia. Marcie's husband has been ignoring her for two years now while he boffs his 21-year-old "personal assistant", and Marcie has found a lust for big black cocks. You happen to possess one that's a good 10 inches long and quite thick.

You are possessing:
Shaved-headed Black HS Graduate
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