Testing Facility/Try to talk the redheaded guy into joining you at your place

From Create Your Own Story

You lock eyes with the redheaded man and with a slight movement of your head, indicate what you want.

He punches the other guy in the shoulder. "Gotta head out, man. Catch you later!"

The other guy just nods, acknowledging the Guy Code. You stroll out of the store holding the redheaded guy's hand.

"Nice to meet you," you purr, eyeing his body. "I'm Vondie."

"I'm Tim," he manages to say.

"Did you walk here?"

"I drove."

"Then you can drive right behind me to my house."

30 minutes later, you and Tim are lying naked in your bed. He's happily sucking your massive breasts. He's rock-hard and your pussy is starting to juice up.

Testing Facility/Let Tim keep suckling while you gently tease his stiff cock

Testing Facility/You're ready now. Pin Tim to the bed and impale your pussy on his cock

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