That's enough(1)

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1st September 2015

"Has anyone else seen you naked before?"

Isabella looked at the floor and shook her head as the house phone rang. Ferb continued to play with Isabella until the awnser machine filled the room.

"Hey Ferb its me," Phineas said. "I met him at the grocery and we've got a lot of stuff. Could you open the door? We are around the corner."

Isabella jumped out of Ferb's hands and rushed to get her dress on.

"Isabella. You have four days to prove to me I shouldn't tell Phineas, make them count. " Isabella sat in the couch as the door rang. She was wearing the same pink dress with no underwear. Ferb had them. Isabella cursed him in her head as she went to awnser the door. Ferb was already upstairs

"Hey Phineas, whatcha doin'?"

Day2 (F)

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