The King has more to say

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"There is one more issue we need to take care of," Stannis states. The king nods to a guard, who walks out of the room.

Robb was confused. "What would that be, your grace.

"After the Battle of the Blackwater, we were approached by a man, a former Lannister soldier." He looked Robb in the eye. "Sandor Clegane, or The Hound, as many call him."

"Why would Clegane approach you. He has committed crimes against both of our houses," Robb was getting angry. "Surely you executed him."

"That was my initial reaction, but Clegane had a bargaining chip. In exchange for a prisoner of his he was to be pardoned for all of his crimes and given 5,000 gold dragons. I was forced to accept his proposal after learning the identity of the prisoner."

"With all due respect, your grace, who could possibly be worth such a reward?" Robb asked. Inside, Robb was furious. How could Stannis let a man like The Hound go free, with a purse full of gold none the less! However, his anger melted away when the guard escorted the prisoner into the room.

"Arya?" Robb asked, almost in disbelief. Arya's faced brightened when she saw him. Arya was clad in commoners clothes, with a sword at her side. She had grown so much since Robb had last seen her. She was ... beautiful. She ran to him and the two embraced lovingly. Robb fought to contain his tears. His family was whole again. Well, almost whole. The void of his father would never be filled, but this was as close as he would get.

"Thank you, your grace. I do not know how I can repay this kindness."

"There is more to discuss, concerning Lady Arya," Stannis continued.

Robb looked at the King inquisitively. What more was there to discuss? Arya was equally shocked.

"Lady Melisandre has requested that Arya become her apprentice, to be trained by her in the ways of R'hllor. I agree with this decision, but ultimately, the decision is up to you."

Arya's eyes widen in fear. "I was just reunited with my sister, your grace. Now you ask to take her away?" Robb said, standing in front of his sister protectively.

"You will be able to visit her whenever you please," Melisandre answers, "She is not a prisoner. However, she has displayed considerable talent The Lord of Light may find useful. She is gifted with the sword and has the intelligence to be an exceptional priestess. She will become one of the greatest knights in Westeros and will wield power beyond your comprehension. It is truly in her best interest to train with me."

Robb looks at Arya as he considers Melisandre's proposal. Arya seems to be contemplating Melisandre's offer, so she's not completely opposed to it. It does, however, go against his father's teachings about the Old Gods.

What does Robb say?

Let Arya Decide (Arya POV)

Turn down Melisandre's offer.

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