The Roman Empire

From Create Your Own Story

You are on the thatched roof of the building and of course naked and look around. You have poped up in the middle of what looked like a raid. Their were men with clubs and torches running through the village nocking people unconscious and chaining them up. Thankfully your parents made you do a digree in Latin something about it being useful one day. Well who would have thought. You coach down now just intime as you hear two voices aproach one of the belonged to a man with a gold rimmed toga and gold wristbands and fat. The other is in chain mail armour and wielding a sword. "The have all been rounded up sir and are ready for transport." The one with the sword said

"Exalent." The fat man replied "they will make me a pritt-stick penny at the market in Rome." He's a slaver you realised with a jolt and at that moment the roof collapsed on you and you had to leap free. You land right at the feet of the fat man. Almost instantly you felt something sharp at your throat.

"Stand," snapped Mann with the sword. You stand shakily and the fat man moves forward and stars to inspect you naked body. He groped you DD breasts, slapped your large firm butt and stroaked your silky blond hair. He muttered something in the other man's ear he moved forward and put you in irons before handing you off to another one of the soldiers.

How long did you set the timer for?

Rome: a week

Rome: you don't have it any more

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