The Second Day (Melisandre)

From Create Your Own Story

Arya moaned from the searing sunlight against her face. She sat up, wondering how long she'd been sleeping. She blinked, shut her eyes, then blinked again. Arya yawned and barely managed to fully open both eyes.

Where am I? Arya thought, arching her back. She then realized she was naked, and the events of the previous night came rushing back. She rubbed her hand along her pussy, feeling the dried cum still lingering from her exploits. She looked around for clothes, but found none, the only object of interest being a brazier burning beside her bead.

Curious, Arya stood up and gazed into the flames. She had heard of red priests (and priestesses) seeing images and visions in the flames. She tried her hardest to make out any shape in the flames, but saw nothing beyond the flickering flame.

"You won't see anything. Trust me, we've all tried."

Arya spun around. In the doorway was one of Melisandre's apprentices.

Who is it?



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