The War Fighter Program

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War Fighter Program

Main Race - Human
Supporting Race - Dwarves
Specialties - Group Warfare, Training, Leadership, Aircraft Experts, Laser Technology, Strategic, Courage and Experienced in Guns
Power - Medium
First Rank - Private 

Blood Throat Clan

Main Race - Orc
Supporting Race - Goblins, Gnolls and Trolls
Specialties - Strength, Super Weapons, Tank Experts, Mechanical, Tactical Warfare, Artillery and Experienced in Explosives and Close Combat
Power - High
First Rank - Flesh Bag or Shooter Boy


Main Race - Old Aliens
No Supporting Race
Specialties - Stealth, Higher Technology, Durable Armour, Energy Powered Melee Weapons and Experienced in Sword Mastery and Other Traditional War Weapons
Power - Low
First Rank - Runner


Main Race - New Aliens
No Supporting Race
Specialties - Huge Numbers, Able To Reproduce Quickly, Abnormal, Swarm Tactics, Aggressive, Devouring Enemies, Evil and Mind Control
Power - Very Low
First Rank - Birthling
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