The back room

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to do it in the back room. If you want to fulfil your wish of smothering Moose's naked body in oil (and other fluids) this is a good place to do it. You take out the bottle of lube that you so conviently had in your back pocket. You walk over to Moose, take a handful, and rub it all over his gorgeous body. You give Moose a handful of the lube and he does the same to you. You press your body to his and move up and down, spreading the oil with your own body.

Once Moose's entire top half has been covered, his muscles are much better defined, not that they didn't look chiselled before. You take another handful of the lube and this time get down on your knees and rub it in between his legs and tickle his balls. You put his massive nuts in your mouth and he teabags you. You love how his testicles slide in and out of your gaping mouth so easily.

Moose goes on for a short while but then stops and you get up and lube him up again. You grasp his huge shaft and pump up and down, getting his sausage all oiled up. Moose lets out a moan of pleasure and upon hearing him you can't help but do the same. His cries of ecstasy are such a turn on you feel like you might jizz just listening to him.

Do you:

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