The horrors

From Create Your Own Story

You suddenly awaken in a stone room. "wh...what? Where?" you say out loud. No response comes, you have no clue where you are and what happened before you arrived. Suddenly something in your head tells you to walk forward, and that's what you do. 

Before long you arrive in front of a massive hole. You stop. A deep voice calls down your name. Then, without warning, you throw yourself off the edge. Your screams can be heard for miles as you plummet into the nothingness.  All you hear is the sound of someone talking to themselves. It is in a language that you do not understand, but your very soul feels unspeakable fear. Suddenly, it doesn't feel like your falling anymore, you're on solid ground. You can't see anything, it's pitch black, however, you still hear the talking. Now you must make your first decision:

Health 100 Equipment:


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