The vine monsters kill you

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and being raped by tentacle vines

Your body is utterly, completely drained by the double penetration and the endless orgasms being forced out of you. You don't have the strength to resist or even scream anymore. All you can do is wait for this nightmare to end.

Suddenly, you feel the vines embedded in your pussy and ass shifting their shape ever so slightly, as if something is growing out of the vines. Your heart starts pounding wildly. What could possibly be happening?

You get your answer soon enough when you feel jets of liquid spurt out of the vines within you. The liquid is a corrosive sap of some kind! It's melting you from the inside! Your clit is the first to go, and you're screaming again, writhing in agony as the vines continue to pumo the acidic sap into your body!

It's a slow process, and it takes a while for the sap to reach anything vital. You spend every moment until then conscious and in unbridled agony. When death finally takes you, it's a release.


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