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Its been three months since the dame unfroze. Well, since the first time. A month ago I got restless and let her out. I was surprised to find that she acted like a was a stranger. I took her to a Tech I know, one who wouldn't tell that dang Overseer, and they said she was suffering from a mild form of amnesia, which came from being unfrozen then refrozen too quickly. So I was bummed that I had lost this girl, and that I'd have to restart. I took her to my room and, to my surprise, after 5 or so hours of talking, she began to undress. Last time it took me almost 10 hours with this girl. After our alone time. I thought it through. I figure that her thoughts are still in her head, but she can't see em' to well. So, she remembers what we did, and she goes along with it easier. The next day, I froze her back. A week later, curious, I unfroze her and took her to my room. She had once again forgotten me, but within 4 hours, she and me were going at it. Since then I've removed her 3 times. Last time it barely took an hour to get her in bed. I figure I'll keep doing this until she is undressing before I get her to my room. I've moved this terminal into her room, saying its for privacy, which is partially true, in case I get a need in the middle of the day.


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