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Hubs are main settlements that have a lot of actions to do. You can travel to these at any time. Since there is no memory in the game, actions that have prerequisites will use Trigger Words.

Companions are people who travel with you. Most are seducable, and these actions also rely on Trigger Words gotten from previous actions. Another main thing about companions is that you can have 2. Finally, some actions in the game will require a certain companion. Companions' names act as Trigger Words in these cases.

Vault Girl is a special companion, who is highly used. She is hard to get, unless of course, you cheat.

Leveling Up happens after certain actions. They are only intended to be done once, so if you redo the quest, you don't earn it. To level up, choose a perk to gain or upgrade.

Short Stories are just random, whatever the writer feels like. They include little to no choices, and a pre-decided past.

A pen and sheet for trigger words is helpful and recommended.

For the time being, cheating from Hub to Hub would be best.

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