Training Begins (Late)

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Arya raised her sword, her ass still sore.

"Now," Bronn began, circling her, "I was told you trained with some Bravoosi."

"Syrio Forel," Arya stated proudly, "The best sword fighter in the world."

Bronn spit in response. "Those Bravoosi are full of shit, dancing around with their fancy 'technique.' No, you need to learn how to fight proper." Arya readed herself in responce, compelled to protect her former teacher's honor. Bronn lunged at her, using his dulled sword to make quick, target attacks. Arya successfully dodged the first flurry, but was knocked to the ground when Bronn backhanded her. She landed on her ass, which sent a surge of pain through her.

"Hey, that's cheating," Arya complained, standing up and rubbing her cheek.

"There's no cheating in life. You win or you die. So try your best to win." He launched another attack, again using underhanded tactics. One thing Arya noticed was he used his surroundings, pushing vases over and ducking behind trees. Every time Arya was knocked down, she learned.

After two hours, and the destruction of the courtyard, Arya was showing real improvement, though her butt still hurt like hell.

"Okay, one more bout before we break for the day. I've got wine to drink, food to eat, and women to fuck," Bronn said, raising his sword.

"In that order?" Arya joked, raising Needle. As Bronn charged, Arya contemplated her strategy.

What does Arya do?

Use unchivalrous tactics

Use Syrio Forel's tactics

Let Bronn win

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