Try to find a party

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You log on to your messenger account on your laptop and see who is online. Most of your friends didn't seem to be logged on, but good fortune smiles on you as you notice that Cheri is online. Cheri was a party animal. If a party was going on, she would know about it.

You open up a chat window with her and ask her what was happening around school and what not as far as parties were concerned. You are pretty tired, but you want to celebrate finishing your exams properly.

Cheri responds fast, as always:

"Oh yeah! There's a great party going on tonight at 9ish. Best to show up around 10 or so because that's when it will be really rockin'! I think it's just what you're looking for too! Jake's throwing a "hooray exams are done" party. There's going to be an open bar too, so plan to get SUPAH WASTED! Will I see you there??????"

Cheri always had a way of being really excited about parties. She could party for weeks without losing enthusiasm. She always got more excited if she knew you were coming too. She did have kind of a thing for you. Cheri played both ends of the field.

Do you:

Health Tired
Height 5’ 5”
Weight 120 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Dyed Red
Cup Size 34B
Location Your Dorm
Clothes Old jeans and T-shirt
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