Try to find some clothes that fit

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You remove your now oversized clothes and sit on your bed, wrapping yourself in a blanket.

"Oof," you say as sit yourself on the bed. "This booty is nice and toned, but it certainly doesn't provide the padding I had before." You smirk to yourself and think about what you could possibly wear in your new body.

You could just put on a T-shirt and put a belt onto your jeans. But something about the baggy clothes seems so wrong. You've got this hot body, you might as well show it off. After all, you are the hottest girl in school.

You pause and think to yourself. Hottest girl in school? You are in college. You just need some clothes to cover yourself. Why would you think... the program!

"It must even, like, change the way I think!" You say in a Eureka moment. And though you had talked in the new form before, you just now notice that this voice is not your old one. It is higher pitched, definitely like a high school girl, with a subtle hint of sex.


You giggle.

You start to rummage through your clothes looking for something that will fit.

And maybe even look a little good.

You even start to go through your roommate's clothes. After all, at 5'1", her clothes may be a better fit. But with her perky A-Cups, there is no way any of her bras would fit over your seductive teenage titties.

After a few minutes, you're able to put together some options of what to wear. You could wear one of your workout tanktops and soffe shorts. You could also try one of your roommate's t-shirts and tight jeans. Heck, you could even put on that tiny skirt she got for the Porn Party and on your tiny party it wouldn't look too obscene.

Then again, none of these clothes would fit just right. Maybe you should go to the mall and buy some clothes that would fit right, not to mention a bra. After all, with your roommate's A-Cup and your B-Cup, your new twins wouldn't be able to fit.

"Not that they need any support," you think to yourself as you run your hands over your full breasts, riding high on your chest.

"Oh WOW that feels good," you whisper. You start to play with your new titties, pinching your nipples and grasping your soft flesh. In your tiny girlie hands, the C-cups feel huge. You start to lower one to your pussy, but are shocked out your little erotic foreplay when you feel that you're entirely bald down there. Not even a tuft of blond hair.

Do you:

Health Scared
Height 4’ ”11
Weight 99 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Bright Blond
Cup Size 30 C
Location Your Dorm
Clothes Nude
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