Try to hurry up and finish coming, then bolt over the fence

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to keep going, hoping there's enough time.

Jughead is frantically trying to pull his shorts up when you're just tipping over the edge. Then you get an idea.

You smirk sadistically as you hold down Jughead's briefs.

"What're you doing!" he whispers, panicked.

You lean your body onto Jughead's upper torso as your cock erupts, spraying all over the inside of his briefs.

You quickly pull up you and Jughead's pants before leaping over the fence and walking away.

"Jughead! Wasn't Archie with you?" Jughead's mom says as she reaches the backyard.

"U-u-uh yeah... h-he had to go."

"Is there something wrong? You look so red! Do you have a fever?" she worriedly asks, pressing her hand against Jughead's forehead, "Let's get you to your room."

You can't help but smile at Jughead's difficulty speaking

Do you:

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