Turn around and face Reggie

From Create Your Own Story

You shudder and turn the rest of your body around so you are facing Reggie. You move even closer so that you are hugging Reggie's body tighter than his exercise gear hugs his tool. You reach out and rub Reggie's cock, which is still concealed beneath his tights. He quickly goes hard and you get on your knees and strip him. You stroke his long, thick, juicy cock and he moans and groans in ecstasy. You lick his tool and then suck it. You keep sucking and stroking faster and harder. Reggie lets out a final "Ohhh" and then sticks his dick to the back of your throat and cums. His cum is so sweet and warm.

"That was the best blow job I've ever had. Not even Veronica can give me pleasure like that! Come back anytime, Arch," Reggie says.

You feel good that you pleased him but you haven't orgasmed and now you're even hornier than before. You go home and finish your day by jerking off and cumming all over yourself. This was a good day.


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