Two Queen's Men walk in (Eager)

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The men who entered the room were two of Melisadnre's queen's men, or men loyal to Stannis who have converted to the faith of R'hllor. They stand there in their armor, the flaming heart emblazened on their breast.

Arya looked back, surprised at the sudden intrusion, but soon a naughty smile graced her lips. She wiggled her pert ass at them, instantly giving both men hard-ons.

"Strip," Melisandre commanded, standing up from the bed. Arya watched as the men tore off their armor, eager to serve. Arya moved to get up, but the Red Woman rested a hand on her back, signalling for her to say down.

"These men will be rough with you," she stated, running her hand up and down Arya's spine, "They will not care about your feelings. Are you ready?"

Arya looked back at the men, now fully naked. Both men were chisled, with six pack abs and hard, toned muscles. One had short blond hair and was clean shaven, while the other had long, scraggly brown hair and a beard. Both sported fully erect penises as well, each around 8 inches long. "Come and get it," Arya ordered. Melisandre smiled and nodded to her men.

Without a word, the two men walked over to the bed. The blond one picked Arya up and layed down beneath her. Without further foreplay, he sat her down on his cock, impaling her. Arya grunted at the intrusion, resting her arms on the mans broad shoulders. She didn't have much time to rest, though, as the second man grabbed her cute little ass and penetrated her asshole. This time Arya screamed, not used to having things in there.

Both men began thrusting in unison, getting balls deep inside the Stark girl rather quickly. Arya is screaming from both pain and pleasure, and loving every minute of this. The two cocks ram into her, the bearded man spanking her ass every now and then. Arya had no control over the situation. As Melisandre promised, the men were rough, ruthlessly fucking her holes. One of them may of drawn blood, but she was too far gone to care.

Melisandre smiled as she drank more of her wine, observing the spectacle. She was surprised how well she was taking it. Double penetration had been a difficult hurdle for the Red Woman, but Arya had taken it in stride. She was impressed.

Arya screamed again as she got railed, but was silenced by Melisandre's kiss. Arya could taste the wine on her lips as they made out. The Stark girl moaned into her teacher's mouth as the two men thrust into her faster and harder. The Red Woman broke the kiss, letting Arya suck her finger before walking behind the bed.

Arya was approaching her climax. She knew she could not last long with the two men. The steady rhythem was too much for the young girl. Melisandre sensed this, and began a prayer.

"Lord of Light, Come to us in our darkness."

Arya grunted as she came. Never before had she felt so full. Her juices squirted all over the blonde man's cock, who still fucked her at the same steady pace.

"I offer you this girl, to be trained in your light."

The two men came simoltaneously, filling Arya with cum. Cum poured into her womb and her intestines as the men emptied their balls.

"Take her and cast your light upon her. For the night is dark and full of terrors." As she finished the prayer, Arya collapsed from exhaustion. Silently, the two queen's men withdrew their cocks form her and stood up. They gathered their armor and wordlessly left the room.

"They came in me," Arya said, worried, "Will I get pregnant?"

"Don't worry, my princess," The Red Woman replied, "The Lord of Light has plans for you. You will not get pregnant tonight. Now go to sleep," She strokes Arya's head as she closes her eyes. "You have done well." With that, Arya drifts off to sleep, the feeling of Stannis' cum still inside of her.

The next morning

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