Urban Explorer: A Descent Into Madness

From Create Your Own Story

Its a cold night as usual this fall. Its closing in on 11 pm and most of the neighborhood has retired for the night but not you. Tonight was a special occasion one that you have been preparing for. Before you is a large imposing house five floors high its windows boarded up and most of its doors chained shut. The Latham residence. For some reason unlike the many buildings that were either renovated or torn down this place has remained standing. Heck no has even tried to buy the place. Why is anybodies guess really thats one of the reasons you have been trying to get inside. The other? You are an urban explore one of those that journey into places built and forgotten by man.

Tagging along are your friends Blake and Jessica who have been bugging you endlessly to join you on this little adventure.

There are three entrances you know of from your research that you guys can use. The question being which of them would be the most ideal to ensure you dont get caught...

1)The basement entrance in the backyard which is only blocked with some rocks and an iron bar

2)The second floor window. You might get up there with a boost.

3)The kitchen window. You could pry it off with some effort.

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