Use unchivalrous tactics

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Grinning, Arya deftly rolled away from his charge. Bronn quickly recovered, chasing her around the courtyard. Arya ran, leaping over benches and ducking under tree branches. She bent one back and let it slap Bronn across the face. Realizing her enemy was dazed, Arya pressed an attack. Bronn parried her swipes and pushed over a bench, using it to create distance between himself and his student. Arya, not wanting to lose her advantage, leapt over the bench and kept attacking.

Now fighting over a spilled vase, Bronn kicked up some dirt. However, Arya knew this trick and side-stepped it. She instead went for Bronn's legs, managing to get a few hits off with the back of her blade. His stamina waning, Bronn tried one last attack. However, Arya used her teacher's own trick against him, kicking dirt into his eyes. She then tripped him, causing him to fall flat on his back.

"Looks like I win," Arya bragged, kicking Bronn's sword away.

"You learn quick. I'll have to stop going easy on you." Arya responded by pointing her blade at his neck. "Hey, careful with that!"

"We're not done here," Arya remarked, "Pull your pants down."

"What the bloody -"

"I said pull your fucking pants down," Arya said again, a lustful fire in her eyes. Bronn noticed it and smirked.

"Man, you red priestesses fuck like bunnies," Bronn replied, pulling his pants down. His erection popped out, standing at attention.

Arya licked her lips and, still pointing her sword at the sellsword, untied her pants, letting them fall to the ground. Her bald pussy was already dripping with anticipation.

Kneeling over his erection, she sat down on him, her free hand guiding his cock into her cunt. He sank into her, eliciting a groan from Bronn. She began to ride him, all the while keeping Needle pointed at him. Bronn reached his hands up to grab her ass, but Arya stopped him.

"I'm in control, not you," Arya warned, still going up and down.

"Fine, you wanna do all the work, go ahead." Arya smirked as she rode him faster. Soon he was balls deep. Her free hand rubbed her clit, bringing her closer to orgasm. She bit her lip as she felt more and more pleasure. Grunting, she came, her juices pouring onto Bronn's cock. After her orgasm subsided, she stood up, leaving Bronn unsatisfied.

"Hey, aren't you gonna finish the job?" Bronn complained, annoyed.

"No, I got what I wanted," Arya said, smirking and pulling her pants up. "Where does Melisandre want me?"

"Cheeky bitch," Bronn swore, smiling, "She wants you to join her in her solar for lunch or some shit." Bronn then pulled up his pants and went in search of a whore. Arya, quite happy with herself, proceeded to her next destination.

Lunch with Melisandre

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