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Hi, I'm Chaomaster. I'm here because I like some of the stories here, but some of them never seem to update. So, I thought I could change that by adding some of my ideas to the stories. Maybe I'll start my own story where you could help me too? Who knows. So, I hope to have fun here and make new friends.

My favourite stories and branches (+18)



Please remember, you are free to edit these branches in the story, if you find them. For I REALLY want to see might happen in the closed off ones. (AKA, the ones that are not yet written.)

For Rampage, it mostly starts with Jessica Jones:

  • One is where you have to go to the local library, where she learns about a demonic amulet and then drives to the museum. Once you get the amulet, the person who you choose, (Jessica or some black security guard) gets the power of mind control!
  • Another is where Jessica submits to be her son's (Brandon Jones) sex slave, but you are still in control of her. As far as I can tell, there are two of them, so I'll explain them both here. First is where you go to his computer and find some very naughty pictures of his mother, you then leave him a note telling him to see you in her bedroom. After you tell him to get a closer look, that's where you get to submit to him, I of course like to play along, but that part is up to you guys. The other one is where you drive to his school and ask Mr Greene to take him away, that is where you submit to him again or make him submit to you. Again, your choice. And again, I like to let him be "in charge" if you catch my drift.
  • This one really brings a smile to my face whenever I read it. Frist you got to drive to the church, shift into the nun, after fondling yourself and stripping naked, you set the place ON FIRE! (Yes, I'm evil like that. It's not like some of you guys are not like that too, in your own ways.) After sneaking out and stealing a motorcycle, that where shit can really hit the fan! I like to head out in the open road, pick up the hitchhiker and tell him to get on. You can tell I want this one to be continued the most, I mean come on, This one is down right awesome!

For The New God:

  • Female REALLY needs to get some love, for most of the story is with the male... Come on guys! Girls can be just as dirty as boys too!
  • As for Male, here they are. Frist be a 15 year old high school student, go to school and go to the pool. Talk to the lifeguard and make her think she is your girlfriend, wait for class to end and they your chance to write the next page.
  • Next one is at school again, but at the intercom system. There is only one path and I wish there to be more.
  • Next is where you check on your family and go see your mother, you then increase her breast size and take her to a porn shop. You two pick up a porno, some "new clothes" and then bang. See if you can think of what else should happen next.

For Labyrinth of Lust:

  • Pick male, then Straight, adult, humanoid. Straight, underage, humanoid is ok to do as well, just please update these paths. Female is getting TOO much love, (ironic since I was just talking about it in the last one) and I'm not in to yaoi.

For The Mind Controlling Device:

  • Mostly stars as the 15 year boy. You get a device form a robot and it tell you to keep it away from some evil robots as well as a secret from others. After messing around to find out the device can control minds, you head downstairs to where your family is. Tell your parents that you'll be staying at home with it and stay at the table. Now you are free to mess around with you mother's mind, you then get her naked and everything stops there. Let's see what you guys can think of.
  • Again, stay at the table, but take her to your room. You could tell her to get naked again or change in to something more sexy. I want to see that, but I have no idea what she can change in to.
  • If you get her naked in your room, then you maybe run in to your older sister. Wonder what you could do to her?

For Wish Coin:

  • Frist you must wish you was tougher, walk out of the broom closet and wish the bully was a girl. But just any girl, a stereo type blonde bimbo girl! That will teach him! But let's ask "her" just dumb she really is. In fact, let wish for all the girls to be like her. (I'm sure that will not have any negative repercussions. *hint hint*) This path slits in to two paths: 1) Make the school co-ed again, then go class. See what you can think of for this poor teacher to do. 2) Ditch school, see just what you have done to the world around you. Now, do you regret your last wish or go on? If you go on, then you should see your bimbo sister then bimbo mother. If this is going too far for you, then you can change it back, if not, let her do "her thing" and that's where it stops. You know what to do, if you gone this far.
  • Wish to be more popular and... turn into a girl? Ok, might as well test this new body out. You should then see a fat boy and turn him in to a hot chick. In fact, why not see what it like to be eaten out, only to be found by the principal! Oh no! Time to go to her office and make her 18 again. Now you take any path you want, but like to be a guy again.

As for The Answer Is Yes, it's free game. I like most of them and it would take days for me to write all of them down.

Well, there you have it. Sorry if this kind of sounded forceful of what I hope to be updated soon. I'll apologise if I have been.

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