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A Little Bit About Me

DeadFishV here. I'm sort of new to this, but I've got the desire to be creative. And a site like this is an excellent creative writing exercise. In time I hope to start my own story on here. In life, I live with and take care of my quadriplegic girlfriend, who also enjoys being creative. We have our own YouTube channel, DeadFishVlogs, which is more about her and being a quad and less about me, who can't stand to hear himself on camera.


My idea for a good CYOA story is one that gives a lot of choices. Most of the ones I've read only give about two or three choices per page. And as I've contributed to other people's stories, I feel like I have to conform to the norm, when instead giving a user many option could translate to a better experience. I understand that too many options can overwhelm some users, but I only intend to have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 7 options.

The Rules I Intend To Have:

  • Minimum of 5 options
  • Maximum of 7 options
  • Must be "Real World Fiction" (fiction that can actually happen)
  • Violence and Sex must be reasonable. Not every person is willing to have sex and violence can't be over-the-top.
  • Characters cannot God-Mode... can't always steal a cop's gun when you get confronted
  • No character should ever completely Dead-End
  • No two characters' lives should intersect

If you feel that my story would be an awesome idea, please visit my discussion page --DeadFishV 04:51, 19 July 2011 (UTC)

Some Of My Work

At the moment, I have only contributed to Rampage, mostly to one particular storyline starting from "Thrust into the punkette's tight asshole" and ending with "Tell Officer Dougherty that you "lied" and asked the boy to choke you". I have done a few other pages on this story but none to the extent of the punk chick, Ari Rockmore.

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