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Epitaph for a gunslinger:

Here lies Lester Moore

Four shots from a .44

No Les, no more.

-- Teejay

I've seen the all the problems begin with MEN on a T-shirt. I've been tempted to get it for my GF.

The Lester Moore epitaph is very famous. I'm surprised you've never seen it before.

That poem sounds like it was written by a guilt free Catholic school girl. :)

-- Teejay

A judge was doing arraignments, and the prisoners were in the holding cell of the courthouse, being called forward one by one. Four men were left in the cell when the judge looked at his next case:

State of California vs. Steven Lewon Crook

"Crook!" said the judge. "Step forward!"

All four men stepped out of the holding cell.

-- Teejay

You did a good job with it. As far as I can tell from years of practice, good oral sex when a man goes down on a woman involves being gentle, tonguing her clit, rubbing it while you slip your tongue inside her, and basically following her body's cues until she gushes on your face (and then doing it again and again.)

-- Teejay

I judge Teddy to be about 13. He'll lose interest eventually, probably sooner rather than later.

Headline spotted recently: MILF BRACES FOR FAP OFFENSIVE

My reaction: "Whiskey... Tango... Foxtrot?"

-- Teejay

Maybe they are. When I'm alone in the apartment I'll walk around in my underwear, so maybe they just don't think about it.

-- Teejay

Which idea is scarier: a weak, all-loving god or a all-powerful but uncaring god? ---Fredhot16 18:31 (Louisiana Time), 19 May2017


TQ for the tips.

Also, you do not need to have a template. That was put there so you know how to make one if you want. It is not required, and is not useful if your story isn't going to use it. If it is, well, you can replace the template, but they are hard to figure out. Let me know if you need help on it.Reply:

Remind me what a template is?

Can you do combination linking?

Help with the status bar! I need an explanation clearer than the tutorial!

I want something like the table in the tutorial, but blue. can u send me the code?

TQ. How do I make A Wiki?

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