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Since this page has become rather cluttered, I've moved old discussions to the archive pages below. Feel free to leave new messages here. I'll get back to you ASAP!

>Add new comments below by clicking on the 'edit' button above. Do not add new comments to the archives.

You can sign your messages for convenience by using four ~ (tilde) symbols like so: ~~~~. Your name and the date will show up like this: BakaG 16:30, 16 November 2014 (UTC)

I wpuld like toapologize for the actions that led to the deletion of the page if it were mear grammer problem please repost the page (if possible) and allow me to make corrections. If there was a problem with how I handled the story please tell me so I can make corrections and better furture work. In any case please type back as to know that you received this message

My apologies, Greg222James

Platypus...this is Bustyalix. You recently messaged me about including the STATUS BAR, but I have no idea how to go about doing so. Is there any way you and I may converse privately? I'd be more than happy to include my personal email address if necessary. Please get back to me on this matter. Thanks!

I'm still new at this, so I don't appreciate the attitude. Yes, it'll take me some time getting used to this HTML like format, yes I'll make some errors now and again, but no that does not mean you have the right to strike an attitude with me. I haven't really worked with a status bar before, and I honestly didn't even realize I had to do anything with it. I'm still learning, rather teaching myself this strange format, so don't come to me in a hard and demeaning tone because I didn't do something the way you wanted it, because I am fairly new at this.

Platypus, this is eatenbypie. I appreciate that you pay attention to things like categorization of pages, but deleting work two hours after being warned and threatening to ban a new user because I missed categorization on 6-8 pages is excessive, especially given that the site doesn't notify you about warnings. Simple oversight on my part, and obviously an oversight given that the rest of the story has proper categorization. -Edit Not bothering to recreate my work on this site.

Apologies for the tense problems. I've been proofreading my stuff since I'm used to writing in past tense, but some things slip through the cracks it seems. As for quirky titles... do you mean the link/page title thing? The first was due to a page collision. I suppose I could have changed the action prompt to something else, but I consider that a part of the story itself, and didn't want to change it due to a collision. Those are rare, I guess. The second was due to a plan where two mini-storylines would converge to the same page... but the actions to get there would be different. In this case I would prefer to use a third page title rather than favor one of the two storylines. The third time I did it... yeah, that was just for my amusement, and it would be a simple matter to limit usage of alternate titles and use them only when needed. So... yeah. Ironwill 02:46, 24 November 2014 (UTC)

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