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Since this page has become rather cluttered, I've moved old discussions to the archive pages below. Feel free to leave new messages here. I'll get back to you ASAP!

>Add new comments below by clicking on the 'edit' button above. Do not add new comments to the archives.

Just wanted to say thanks for the reminder with category pages! Sorry that I caused the trouble. LilBitOfSpace

Just wanted to experiment! Did you like the rest of the story? Whining Winnie

Well if your not happy with that bit, I'll edit it out!......:-( Whining Winnie

It's not letting me add external links. I try to, then the page reloads asking me to enter a captcha. I do that and then a page pops up saying I can only submit one page with an external link every 20 minutes. Only I wasn't able to submit any. Any suggestions? Gr1mm 11:13 Central Time 1/15/2016

Don't forget that CLM is my first story. Of course it's going to have some issues and stuff. But practice makes perfect! Also I`ve added a few more pages and the reason I haven't been on was because I went to my friends funeral. He died in a car crash. RIP Jacob Pierre 1989-2016

Whining Winnie

Could you move CLM to the Adult Stories section? It's now got sex in it so I thought it should be moved to Adult. And is it rude that the druglord in my story is named El Faggetito? Whining Winnie 20/1/16 21:37 (AEST)

Damn. Well thanks for the reply anyway, though. Gr1mm 1:35 Central Time 1/21/2016

Thank you for maintaining the organization of the Force Awakens page as we get some new people writing. Cheers! - CodeSoldier

Hey, is it possible to have rate limits removed? I believe that is what they are referred to as. I just want to know if it's somehow possible to be verified or something such and remove the time limits. I.e. the 2 second un-cached page limit, the 60(?) page visit limit, the 20 minute page with a link limit. Thanks for your help. CodeSoldier 31/01/16

Hey, you left a message on my discussion page that my dialogue's punctuation and grammar is bad and I shouldn't post on your stories because of a page that I made on one of your stories, but the grammar seems fine to me and all you did was add a comma and change some wording around. So am I allowed to add pages to your story or should I not edit that story anymore? Fort 05/02/16

Relax… All I did was ask why you thought my grammar was bad because when I checked the edit, I only saw one punctuation edit and that didn’t seem to be enough to warrant your complaint that my pages were bad. When I looked again, I saw that there were three grammar edits, so I retracted my statement. I don’t quite understand your hostility towards a first-time editor, but I’ll remove my pages posthaste from your story Smutty Sex Romp as my writing is not good enough for your standards. I readded my previous comment for posterity's sake. --Fort 5 February 2016

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