WAS: Ask your father about the change in plans

From Create Your Own Story

The situation bothers you, as you walk up the stairs you think about how this conflicts with your character. Going all the way to the throne room only to complain about a simple order concerning an escort mission conflicts with your militaristic upbringing. Yet the doubt is still there. You have studied other peoples culture very carefully and never heard about a tradition like this. Also it makes little sense, why should you be sent alone. Doesn’t that make you an excellent target for assassination? The matter has to be addressed despite your feelings nagging you about the futility of it all.

You reach your fathers throne room and like yesterday he is studying some maps with his generals, preparing for the war no doubt. He notices your entry and addresses you.

“Faust? Whatever you want we will talk about it after you escorted the Ugarit princess here, I’m busy now go!” He shrugs you of before you even have had the chance to explain yourself.

You gently cough to clear your voice before replying. “Yes father about the escort, why am I to go alone It makes no sense. I’m no coward but It seems like a golden opportunity to assassinate me.” You say with the uttermost respect.

“Damit Faust it’s their tradition you of all people should realize that now go!” Your father’s voice grows more irritated by the second. You prepare yourself to leave content with the reply given to you but still feeling that it’s a bit odd. Then you notice your father staring at the sun then entering his treasury chamber quickly as if he forgot something important. It appears odd to you, almost as if he was scared when he realized he forgot to enter the treasury chamber. Maybe you should investigate.

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