WAS: Traditions must be uphold, meet the delegation in private

From Create Your Own Story

If tradition demands you go alone then so be it. You leave your chamber and trough various stairs you descend to the base of the hollow mountain. At the bottom floor of the mountain the stables are located and a stable slave brings you your loyal steed. The gate opens that separates your people’s mountain homeland from the outside world, with great haste you mount your horse and ride out into the sunlight. After the initial burst of speed you slow down and look over your shoulder for a final time to gaze upon your magnificent homeland the seven mountains.


Later that day you travel slowly. The farmers you meet on the road a while back bowed just as deeply as the mountain slaves when they saw their prince ride by. The reason for this is that they too are slaves. They have been slaves for centuries, by now its part of their identity. Your people only include those who dwell within the seven mountains, the farmers within your domain are conquered people kept alive for the purpose of growing food for the seven mountains. This makes traveling alone dangerous, as their always exist some youth brigades demanding the independence of their people. But other thoughts occupy your mind at this moment. You feel odd, restless. Something is going on, you can feel it your bones, almost like you're subconsciously is trying to tell you something. It bothers you, but it lets you know that soon blood will flow.

Fate finally reveals itself at the border where you are to meet the delegation from Ugarit. They are under attack, the harsh yell of battle cries reaches your ears as you edge your horse forward to get a look at the battle. It is as you feared, the Ugarit delegation is hopelessly outnumbered. The soldiers have formed a circle to protect the princess that is to lead the negotiations. Her golden, braided hair is caught in the wind as the battle rages on all around her, it sways magnificently and along with her white royal dress makes her stand out like a defiant flower in the middle of the bloody battle.

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